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Previous client commissions & the story behind them.

'Source Green' Chair Lift


The visual merchandising team at John Lewis, West Quay needed an exciting centrepiece for their 2022 Christmas display. 

Our bright orange Chairlifts caught their eye in the Tessuti shopfront but were obviously not quite the right colour for the John Lewis brand.

As our chairlifts are powder coated they can be painted in any RAL colour. Therefore, we were able to provide the exact colour needed.

Powder Coating

Whilst our stock is limited, fortunately, we still had a few chairs - yet to be restored.

As the client wanted hardwood seating we first stripped the worn out rubber, then sending the steel frame to be shot-blasted.

With the chair now ready for powder coating, it was sent with the fabricated legs to be painted in 'Source Green' - RAL 170 70 20

See how our chairlifts were designed,

Hardwood Seating

With the chair in its beautiful new colour, it immediately looks 'on brand'. But it's certainly not ready without some seats.

To be expected, John Lewis opted for our Red Grandis Hardwood seating, as it is one of the world's most sustainable options.


Using the original chairlift brackets the timber slats were fitted and then finished with teak oil to protect them for years to come.

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West Quay Christmas 2022


Throughout the project we kept our contact updated and sent photos of our progress but before delivery, we insist on making sure they were 100% satisfied.

With everyone now eager to see the chairlift in situ, we carefully loaded it into the Random Van and secured it for transit. 

Our staff then delicately maneuvered the chair into store, adjusting the positioning until it was just right.

Finally, the merchandisers can work their magic...

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John lewis christmas expanded_edited.jpg

Promotional Piste Markers


Many of our items, including our Piste Markers are made to order; enabling a great degree of design freedom to customise and suit a client's needs.

EcoSki approached us wanting a different design that reminisces on Piste Markers with a modern twist.


This design enabled more space for advertising their four eco principles and key selling points!

Design Inspiration

The lovely folks at EcoSki had already seen our Piste Markers and had a brainwave...

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Piste Markers_edited_edited.jpg

Design to Reality

With an existing design, EcoSki placed their trust in us to deliver their idea.


The graphics were printed on Dibond Aluminum, we then fabricated the steel bases and mounted the Piste Markers.

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Snow Show 2022

We then delivered the signs,  ready for exhibition at the Snow Show.

The QR codes were perfect way for visitors to engage with EcoSki's principles on their website. 

Visual Merchandising
Snow Show_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Sustainable Development goals.png

Goals House


As part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Goals House facilitated events on important topics such as the ongoing climate crisis and UN development goals.

To welcome guests to the Davos Golf Club, Goals House wanted an eye-catching and unique way of displaying the topics of conversation.

We were commissioned by Freuds Advertising Agency to create an entrance display that aligned with the sustainable goals of the event - our end of our life Ski's were a perfect fit.

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Skis removed background adusted.png

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