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A suprisingly comfortable bench seat made with previously loved skis. This example utilisies ex-rental Rossignol Hero Skis, however variations are available. The perfect perch for a keen skier to look out over their garden. Boxed steel legs provide a robust aesthetic and ample strength to ensure this item is sterdy well into the future.


This Rossignol version is available to buy now with other skis and designs to order.


USE YOUR OWN SKI’S: If you would like to have the ski’s you own incorporated into the item, please visit our Design Service page as this incurs an additional cost and lead time. Our in house manufacturing team can then get to work on building a bench thats truly special to you.


If you have any queries or further requirements please contact us, we’ll do our best to help.

Ski Bench with Backrest

  • Product Dimensions:






    Bench Seat: Original Skis

    Bench Legs: Steel Box Section legs

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