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An exciting side table ideal for an Games Room or as a unique furniture piece to impress guests. Constructed from up-cycled, original ski tips and strengthened with sections of real ski poles. Sterdy Aluminium, Dibond table top that is ‘Wipe-clean’ and suitable for hot drinks. The printed top can be customised to represent your favourite resort/run/number. 


Please fill in the custom text and product options below to specify your preferences.


IMPORTANT: Ski customisation might not be possible as sourcing ski’s at their end of the life is difficult and can only be done in batches therefore we are limited by our current stock and can not guarantee preferences.


USE YOUR OWN SKI’S: If you would like to have the ski’s you own incorporated into the item, please visit our Design Service page as this incurs an additional cost and lead time. Our in house Design Service also allows you to specifiy the dimensions of your item (within reason).


If you have any queries or further requirements please contact us, we’ll do our best to help.

Custom Ski Tip Piste Marker Side Table

Piste Marker Colour
Preferred Ski Colour
  • Product Dimensions:

    Width: 46cm

    Height: 65cm

    Depth: 46cm



    Table Legs: Original Ski’s

    Table Top: Dibond Aluminum Composite 

    Table Bracing: Original Skiing Pole’s

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